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Welcome to the Taunton & Somerset Bonsai Club.

We are a very friendly bunch of people with one major interest in common,  an enthusiastic love of Bonsai. Whether you are  a beginner setting out along the pathway that is Bonsai or already have some years of cultivating your trees behind you do get in touch, or just simply come along  to a meeting and see what goes on.

          Further details of membership on the Membership Page  
should you just wish to receive notifications of our club meetings and activities please complete the following mailing consent form.

Taunton and Som Bonsai Club Mailing

In view of the Coronavirus situation Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club
face to face meetings are cancelled for the present.

Members will be informed directly of any Club decisions as soon as we have any further news.

Our meetings in pre Covid-19 days were held at
The Bishop Henderson Primacy School in Taunton 

Now we get together and share  our enthusiasm for our trees via the magic of Zoom

We can still ask the ‘old hands’ of the Club for advice and suggestions about our trees, show each other what our favourite tree that month might be and keep the art of Bonsai alive in Somerset.
Should you be interested in learning more about the Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club and like to see what we get upto why not contact us and ask for an invitation to our next Zoom meeting using the Contact Us at the top of this page.

Also in  this website

T. & S. B.C. Despite Covid -19 Bonsai Newsletters

In order to keep members informed of things Bonsai whilst we are having no actual meetings we are publishing an Online Newsletter of articles , photos and news of member’s trees and activities which can also be found in the
Meetings Report section of this website at-

T & S B C Covid-19 Crisis Bonsai Newsletters and 2020 Online Show



For most of the news about past club meetings, shows, outings  and other activities visit our NEWS /MEETINGS REPORTS blog

Photo above. A typical workshop meeting pre Covid where members brought trees along to work on with advice on hand should they need it from some of the more experienced members 

onsai News, Bonsai Care and Techniques and various other entries covering shows and club activities in the past and past posting on this site may also  be accessed via the list of ‘Tags’ at the foot of this page which is in addition to the ‘Buttons’ at the top

 Club President John Trott’s Golden Victories

Another Show year has come to an end and Club President John Trott has added more RHS Gold Medals to his collection, the latest being medal number 92 at the prestigious Malvern Autumn ShowIMG_3456

         Earlier in the year John also won his usual Chelsea RHS Gold

Chelsea 2019

Well done John for flying the flag for Somerset in the world of Bonsai




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