June 2017 Meeting

A Critique Evening with Roger and Adrian

Jons Beech3Jon’s Beech. This tree certainly started the evening off well with a lot of admiration for forester member Jon’s find of two years ago. Jon potted it up  last winter and achieved the big surprise of the evening when Ade, our Tree of the Month judge, who is noted for his views on using the correct pots, said what a very suitable pot this one was.

Roger was then  found lurking behind the foliage and the two of them went on to compliment Jon for his find and  the health of the tree and  showed where it may be thinned out a bit later to help balance the tree better .

Next up was Geoff’s Stewartia a native to Japan and closely related to the Camellias, these Geoffs stewartiaLime hating deciduous trees make great bonsai and Geoff’s certainly looks destined to be a beauty. A victim of late frosts coming as it does form the chilly heights of the Shaftesbury area his tree is just recovering now and the main topic of interest was deciding which was the front.


Tonys Mugo Pine

Another tree from neighbouring Dorset was
Tony’s Mugo Pine which he is evidently custodian of at the moment, with all the responsibilities that that entails. Roger suggested that  a re-positioning of it might be an idea worth considering.

Our canny bonsai collector Sara who really finds some bargains brought along two trees . Saras CrabA Crab Apple which she got as a bargain at the Exmouth Show last week and which our learned pair thought could do with the top taking down a bit. And a Japanese Elm ,Zelkova,which she has been nurturing ever since Glenbrook Bonsai closed down at Tickenham some years ago. Both Ade and Roger thought it would do best as a windswept tree and Roger pointed out where the trunk needed taking back and the foliage reducing. Saras Jap Em

Another of Tony’s trees a Metasequoia or Dawn Redwood had obviously made him think hard about the art of bonsai as he told us.
“It’s one of those trees that teaches you that Bonsai is a marathon not a sprint.”

These trees are deciduous conifers and come from Lichuan county in Hubei province, China where they can grow to about two hundred feet which makes them the shortest of the Redwoods but still pretty impressive in the wild or as Bonsai .Tonys M.. Tree
To make Tony’s more impressive A & M pointed out that the branches should be wired into a downward position . This tree grows very fast when stood in water and is an example of the  mother and child style of two trunk, (sÔkan) . Dan Barton at Bristol had a very famous specimen Metasequoia  which may possibly  be seen at the Bristol Club Show on Sunday if he still has it.

Dave brought along a very attractive group planting of Turkey Oaks which he had found as seedling in a compost heap, A & M pointed out how natural the group looked and we all agreed on that.Daves Oaks

Another good thing about the evening was that we welcomed a number of new members who had ventured along perhaps after seeing our recent show at Willow brook

New member Ann had purchased her tree in a garden centre as she was taken by the shape and potential but was unsure of what it actually was. Consensus on the nightAnns Sw declared it to be a Swamp Cypress, Taxodium Distichum , which come originally from the famous Everglade swamps of Florida and was introduced into this country by John Tradescant the famous plant collector in 1640. Ann was shown where it may be thinned out at a later date to improve the shape.

One of our other new members Michelle had brought along a little tree that was very typical of the first trees that many of us started off with on the journey that is Bonsai and that she was desperate to rescue.

This particular one was a Privet of sorts and was suffering from the usual combination of lack of shop or Garden Centre care for stock and Michelle Privetprobably the mud like compost that most of these imported small bonsai arrive in in this country. Ade and Roger gave Michelle some tips to revive it, pointed out that it was most likely intended as an indoor tree but that it would benefit from being outside in the summer months and suggested re-potting next spring in a much more breathable and better draining compost.



Richard P. brought along a group planting of Hornbeam which looked very healthy and the main improvement suggested was to trim the trees at each side to vary the levels of the group. Richar P Hornbeams


Apart from his lovely free range eggs Brian had also brought in an Orange Dream Acer which  he had let go on a bit and was wondering where to go with it next. Ade soon had the answer for that and gave us a quick description of the method of air layering which he thought would turn Brian’s one tree into  three trees

Air layering the trunk and the larger branch which he is pointing out, would result in two air layered trees and the remaining trunk should then carry on and become another tree, sounds like you had a good buy there Brian.


I know at times one may worry and fret about a tree but here is one tree that Club Chairman Howard said makes him smile. IMG_20170614_202537 It certainly made Roger smile as well.

With a little imagination is was easy to envisage this Juniper battered by the elements in the winter and then basking in the sun on some lonely beach or dunes on the shores of the Mediterranean and apart from a few suggestion for taking down that higher bit and perhaps lowering a branch or two we all liked it.

Club Chairman Howard rounded off this part of the evening thanking A & M for their most informative comments which all members can benefit from.

There were a few other trees submitted for the words of Bonsai wisdom from two of our most knowledgeable members, photos of which yours truly may not have been so focused on. After my recent cataract operation my specs are now out of kilter with my eyes for a few weeks yet, sorry.


Advanced Class

FIRST by member’s votes
Geoff’s  White Beech_20170615_001642

SECOND  by  Members votes
Jon’s Chinese Elm,  in a pot made  by well known pot maker John Pitt

Jons Tree

Tony’s Azalea


FIRST by both member’s votes and judge’s report

Richard P’s Azalea

Richard P Azalea

Sara’s Korean Hornbeam

Saras Hornbeam

Our TOTM judge has made the point that the standard of trees has improved enormously since the competition was introduced and that in the Advanced Class his marks are the highest he has ever given. Though we often jest about his comments on the pots we use he said that the message is getting through and that the tree/pot combination in the Advanced Class was about as good as it gets.

Follow this link to  the usual carefully detailed report by our judge ToTM Critique sheet June 2017 for critique remarks
that I am sure we can often  apply to our  own trees.

Many thanks to Roger and Adrian for their pearls of bonsai wisdom at an evening where I am sure we all learnt something about caring for our trees.



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T. & S. B. C. Bonsai News – June 2017

Exmouth bonsai


One show is just not good enough for some folk, so Adrian, Brian, Jon  and Sara are going to fly the flag for T & S B.C at the  Bonsai South West Show down in Exmouth on the 11th of this month. as they did last year.


Last Year it was the same day as Dan Barton’s Bonsai Day at Failand so perhaps more people will make their way to the sunny Devon sea front on the 11th to sample the bonsai of the South West instead. Try and get down there and support our team  chaps.


Yet another Gold Medal for our Club President John Trott as he was awarded his TENTH one for his display at Chelsea this year, well done John congratulations.

Two members have two Clubs

Geoff and Tony are both stalwart members of our club as well as being  very active committee members of the Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group who have also just held their Exhibition which Geoff has compiled this report about —– Blackmore Vale Show


After Exmouth the next Bonsai Event in this region is the Bristol Bonsai Society Show on the 18th June at it’s usual venue in Failand Village Hall.

Bristol BS

Isn’t it great to see so much Bonsai activity in our part of the world?


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2017 Our Annual Show

Corner group

Once again it is show time and on Friday evening before the Bank Holliday week-end a team of our members were busy erecting the marquee at Willowbrook Garden Centre.
( If during this report I fail to mention a particular member’s contribution to the event please forgive me. )
Brian, Sara, Roger & Son, Bill and the two Richards all tugged and pulled various ropes and canvas to raise the tent and prepare it for the display of trees which was completed under Adrian’s critical eye on the Saturday morning.

It is not just to see our trees displayed at their best in a show that we put on this show but it is also to spread the word about the art of Bonsai, to make it available to the general public as well as other enthusiasts. If we can get a few new faces to join our Club or one in their own area then the show has been a success . To that end our selection includes not only impressive specimen trees but also exhibits by new members who may have only recently taken up Bonsai and trees that have been created at the cost of only a few pounds and a few years.


Among the trees there were also a nmber of  Accent plantings by various members but I must make special mention of the work put in by Andy, our Club Chairman Howard’s lady wife, who in adition to being our Club Secretary with all that that task  involves also creates beautifull Accent displays.


Fowl play in any judgement of the trees would not of course be countenanced

Fowl Play







Jon our Club proffesional  forester  was one of a number of members who worked on trees during the week -end demonstrating to visitors what is involved in creating and maintaining Bonsai..

Show tree 17 Ades



Club Chairman Howard would like to thank everyone for working so hard to make the show a success and our very special thanks to The Willowbrook   Garden  Centre at West Buckland Near Wellington for making us so welcome.




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May 2017 Meeting

Getting ready for our annual show is again is the main purpose of our May meeting. An evening when members bring in a selection of trees for  the Club to chose a selection from and to clean and preen them for the display.Bonsai show poster.jpg2017

Adrian was quite precise over the things to look out for when preparing our exhibits and made it quite clear that it is not to be just a show of fine specimen trees the Club is looking for but an across the board selection. To include mature specimen trees right through to beginners first time exhibits in order to show the visitors that there is a place for every one within our group not just those with either many years of experience behind them or a need for a  deep pockets to help  build a collection.

Jon as ever was on hand either giving a running commentary on what he was doing himself or giving newer members a help with their trees. We very lucky  to have Jon,  a professional forester as a member, as he comunicates the art of bonsai  so well he really should have a YouTube channel of his own I.

Jon the tutor

Tony was carefully titivating  his lovely scarlet
HawthornTony tittivating.





Whilst Roger was helping Dave with his traditional
white one.

dave and roger



It w
as a tie in the member’s ballot between Roger’s Trident Maple and  Tony’s Scarlet Hawthorn.

Again a tie, this time  between Geoff’s Larch and  Jon’s Stewartia

M.C’s  little Berberis which if to be displayed in the show would illustrate what could be done for a few pounds from nursery stock ,one which actually came from Willowbrook Garden Centre near Wellington where we hold our show.MC Berberis






FIRST   Equal again
Was Sara’s Euonymus Group and Richard M’s Larch

Dave’s Berberis, I believe this was a tree that had started it’s bonsai life at one of our Club’s day long workshop sessions run by Adrian and Roger. Days which a number of members have benefited from .Days where we must also thank our hosts Andy and Howard for the hospitality with their homemade soups and home baked bread, no wonder they are popular events.

Daves berberis

Dave’s Berberis


Our Critique Judge differed somewhat from the members votes in his precise report and was full of praise for Jon’s Stewartia, remarks which can be seen on this months Critique Sheet for May

ToTM Critique sheet May 2017

I must apologise for not taking a better photo, using the back screen, of  our judge Adrian’s magnificent Acer Deshojo, it is just as well Ade is not permitted to enter the monthly competition.


Sorry Adrian I meant to go back and take another photo but obviously had another senior moment. Nice tree pot combination I’d say  by the way if I was a judge. 🙂

New Faces– we also had two new visitors to our club, Sam and Michelle who look like becoming regular members, welcome to our  group of folk who are potty about small trees, see you at our show next.

RHS Malvern Spring Festival
May 11th/12th/13th and 14th

John Trott, our Club President is exhibiting again  at Malvern this year and it is his first ever display which consists  of only flowering bonsai. Looks pretty good John, your usual high standard and best wishes for another Gold at Chelsea this year to add to your collection.


Don’t forget to tell your friends and fellow bonsai enthusiasts about our show later this month.

Bonsai show poster.jpg2017





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April 2017 Meeting


An evening on Kusamono with Ritta Cooper

Fresh from their success as prize winners for their  Best Shohin at the international Bonsai Show the Noelanders Trophy,  Ritta Cooper aided and abetted by her husband Mark from time to time, give us a talk and demonstration on the art of Kusamono. Together they were one of only two UK prize winners at this prestigious event, flying the flag for British Bonsai..

Known to most of us as Accent plants –  Accents being a display that compliments as a companion to a bonsai tree. An Accent  may take the form of a bronze, some small carving, ornament or a plant in which case it’s correct name is a shitakusa meaning: shita =below or under and kusa = grass. From this within the last twenty years of so three art forms have developed

Kusamono – which literally means : kusa = grass and mono = thing.
Kokedama – which literally means : koke = moss and  dama = ball.
Nearai-          which literally means : ne = root and rai = washed.

IMG_20170412_195007Ritta went on to explain that the accent planting should be no higher than the stand of the tree and that it should if possible balance the movement of the tree, countering the direction of a windswept bonsai for example. That together with the tree, it’s stand and a scroll the Kusamona  makes up the display in a Tokonoma each item complimenting the overall composition.
Following the theory of the art, where to obtain the plants, how to bring them on, look after them and how  to arrange them and in what pots or compost Ritta then proceeded to the practical demonstration of her art.

Using plants Ritta had nurtured at her home or from a garden centre purchase Ritta showed us how to combine a number of  species in one item, how to assemble a moss ball Kokedama and how to take a few short cuts if need be.

In front of our eyes Ritta  created this delightful Kusamono above, sorry it’s my fault that it is a side view which does not do it justice. Altogether a fascinating talk and demonstration and I know that many members present will be going home and looking at some of the plants in their gardens with a new eye, ready to try their hand  at it themselves.

Many thanks to Ritta and Mark and I refer you to the following site which I used to check my notes                                                     © Ritta Cooper- Magical Bonsai Accents



Jon B’s Crab Apple came First in both the members votes and in the judges detailed critique a beautiful tree reflecting the spirit of Springtime.
Note: I heard a visitor ask about the long growth on the top right which Jon explained to her is a sacrificial growth used to thicken the branch from which it stems and which will be cut back once it has served it’s purpose


Michael C’s Acer Kashima IMG_20170412_205713

Pot by potter Anne Whittlesey a
member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen
who has been persuaded to turn her hand to bonsai pots.




GeoffIMG_20170412_205821‘s Blackthorn

and Tony’s Deshojo MapleIMG_20170412_205641








Sara’s ‘White Maple’

SECOND Richard M’s AzaleaIMG_20170412_210204







It’s just as well Adrian our critique judge was not able to enter himself when you see these two Acers he brought along to the meeting.


Tree of the Month detailed critique can be found at this link

ToTM Critique sheet April 2017

and don’t forget our neighbouring Bonsai Club-  Blackmore Vale, holding their Tenth Anniversary Show next month, further details on their website


See you next month on May 10th when we prepare for our own Annual Show at Willowbrook Garden Centre on May 27/28/29th

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March 2017 meeting


Spring is in the air at last and activity in the world of bonsai steps up a few notches and after this club night I think many of us will be able to raise our game as well having followed our President John  Trott’s very instructive demonstration.

John demonstrated using a Japanese White Pine which he had acquired some while back and IMG_20170308_195416had been meaning to set about it some day so we were privileged to watch as he started to work on it in front of an audience of T & SBC members.

The tree  which John said was probably forty or so years old  had the remaining stubs of a lot of branches and a really  rough bark giving the tree a great  appearance of age


John’s first task was to remove any dead wood and quite a lot of foliage allowing the basic structure of the tree to show better. Those two handlebar branches soon went prior to starting on wiring what was left .We were told to work on the tree from the bottom up when doing this work leaving the top till last.
A member asked if he would use Lime Sulphur on the old stubs and the new stubs that he was creating and jining. John’s opinion was that the age of the tree looked better with the natural weathered grey stubs which were far more natural than brilliant Lime sulphured ones even if they had colouring added to tone them down a bit.

                         ” Lets let a bit of light in there.”       “That’s looking better now.”

Last one

Now it’s a wiring job.

(Sadly your web correspondent had to leave at this stage so I hope that John will supply us with a photo of this tree when it is finished)

Throughout the evening John was also assisted by Club member Dave G. who worked on a Sakhalin Spruce, a tree that comes from Japan and Southern Russia and is named after a famous Russian botanist and explorer. The branches had already been wired down where they joined the trunk but lifted considerably towards the ends and after a general tidy up Dave then lowered the ends of the branches using guys fixed to the training pot rim



Members voted for

Geoff’s mature Larch and Jon’s Fuji Cherry Kojo- no- mai ( Cloud of Butterflies)

Tony’s  Forsythia and Michael’s Pink Cherry ‘Paean’ Prunus Incisa.

Brian’s Cherry



FIRST  Jack’s Maple
SECOND Richard M’s Alder


Whilst watching Johns demonstration we had been  well aware of the mutterings and whispering coming from the direction of the Tree of The Month Competition tables so our thanks this month to our two judges, who took over the task in Ade’s absence, professional forester Jon and Roger, one of the Clubs longest serving members, for the due diligence and thought that went into this months critique.

Just when I thought I had a pot that suited my tree Ade, that master of pot correctness, was not there!

The detailed results of their deliberation can be accessed at this link 
ToTM Critique sheet


Wessex Bonsai Society Show at Bournemouth on May 7th

Details at   Wessex Bonsai Show

Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group Tenth Anniversary Exhibition at Shaftesbury on May 21st

Details  at Blackmore Vale Club Show


That’s all for now ,see you next month on the 12th April for a demonstration by
Rita and Mark Cooper on Kusonoma,  Accent Plants.  TOTM – Spring Colour.


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February 2017 meeting


Spring Re-potting Workshop


A really busy workshop evening, root hooks and rakes beavering away at all the tables .


The left hand side team seemed be taking it rather more seriously than the right hand crowd though.









Whilst others who had not brought trees along were able to pick up a few tips by watching Club President John at work on his tree._20170208_221354

And a number of hands were needed to help Sara with her lofty treasure. A Katsura, native of China and Japan ,one of the largest deciduous trees which can grow to more than 100 feet in the wild.
I hope that pot is big enough Sara.


Geoff raced ahead getting his lovely Stewartia nicely re-potted.  A tree not often come across in bonsai circles, it is a genus of 8 to 20 species of flowering  plants related to the Camellia geoffs-stewartia

Meanwhile Adrian and Roger were there to offer us all their words of wisdom.

_20170208_222006 ‘What do make of that pot then Ade?’







‘I don’t know, but it says Made in China on the bottom.’


The inspiration for us all that evening was the tree at the back of the hall ,our Club President John Trott’s Siberian Elm which he had just brought back from displaying it at the foremost bonsai event in Europe, The Noelanders Trophy Show at Gent in Belgium. Noelanders is one of the great bonsai event of the year world wide so the club can be proud to think that one of our members was represented there, well done John.johns-siberian-elmblog

Just look at that ramification and wonder at the work that has gone into this tree.

Tree of the Month Competition 

Now I could say, that I have reported so much of the evening activities that there is not room for the results. Or I could come clean and admit that somehow or other I must have had a senior moment again and did not take a photo of the tree that achieved the most marks in the Advanced Class from our competition judge.
A few hours later
But the situation has now been saved as Jon has kindly emailed me a splendid photo of his Hinoki Cypress which Adrian our judge placed first in his precise technical assessments of our trees.


I so glad that it happened this way  because feel sure that had Jon been able to display his tree as well as this on the night, then the trunk could have been  more visible and he would deservedly have won the members votes hands down. A beautiful tree Jon I love the delicateness of the foliage contrasting with the character of that root base.


FIRST The most members votes went to your absent minded web manager Michael C ‘s my-juniper-bestLittle Cascade Juniper which was worked up from a modest nursery stock years ago.

SECOND was Jon’s Hinoki Cypress,seen above as the judges favourite


THIRD Tony’s Atlas Cedar



FIRST The most votes in this class went to Sara’s Cryptomeria


SECOND was Richard P’s Podocarpus





THIRD was Richard M’s Western Hemlock







Thank you to Adrian for getting his critique report to me so promptly, which you can access here.  totm-critique-sheet-feb-2017

Don’t forget it is the Swindon Society Show on Sunday Feb Feb 26th –  full details via this link to their website   Swindon Bonsai Society Show

See you next month on March 8th  – Talk and  Demo by John Trott and TOM competition theme of Blossoms and Buds.


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January 2017 Meeting



A busy workshop evening- I wonder what Sara is up to with that nice little tree of hers?


The first meeting of the year was a hive of activity as members worked on their trees with the advice of some of the ‘old hands.’  Club President John, Ade  and Roger were there ready to lend assistance and words of bonsai wisdom to us less experienced members. Books are good, videos are a help but there is nothing like someone standing by ones shoulder telling you exactly what to do, why you should do it and what a difference it might make to ones tree in the future.

John had some time to spend on one of his own trees as well whilst Ade settled down to _20170111_225411judging the Tree of the Month entries, of which there were very few at this meeting sadly



Brian set about a young sapling Beech as Ade gave Tony some hints for his tree.







Tree of the Month Competition
Theme – Winter Image.

Very few entries this month which resulted in a walk over for Richard P in the Novices Class


FIRST Richard P’s  White Pine _20170111_224532











Geoff’s Trident Maple_20170111_225123fb



Roger W’s Acer Palmatum Triple Trunk

THIRD  Tony’s Lonicera

Sara’s Success

And if you were wondering what Sara managed to do to her tree (Photo at the top) before the meeting finished, well she set about it with her carving chisels and this is the result. We are looking forward to seeing it at a later date Sara and see how it has progressed.


This months website competition could be, who can tell me first what sort of tree it is? Seeing as this absent minded old codger had a senior moment or two that evening.

It just proves that someone reads this as Club President John phoned up within the hour of publication to tell me Sara’s tree was a Korean Hornbeam. Of course it was, I was only sitting next to Sara most of the evening and as I am with people’s names probably asked her more than once “what is it?”


The judges detailed critique notes for January are available via this link totm-critique-sheet-jan-2017

Don’t forget next months meeting Feb 8th. Workshop,re-potting

Tree of the month Competition- Evergreens

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December 2016 Meeting AGM


Members cluster around Club President JohnTrott as he shows them their new challenge.

The Chairman’s report
A year has gone by and it’s AGM time again. We started off with an address from our Chairman Howard who thanked all the members for their hard work during the last year. He mentioning in particular all those responsible for our annual show at Willowbrook, Brian and team  for the displays that were put on at Exmouth Show and at Lupton House in  Devon, Adrian for organising the very successful Tree of the Month Competition, Adrian and Roger for the new day long workshops and Jon for the tree collecting trip. Mention was also made of the website and Facebook and how it has raised the profile of the club.

Presidents Address
Club President John Trott remarked on what an active, friendly and  good natured club we are and attributed much of that to Howard our Chairman and Andy his Wife and our Club Secretary, their easy going manner and art of delegation having encouraged an active and enterprising club. John presented small gifts from the club to a number of members for services that they had done for the club during the past year.

Members on the floor complimented John  on winning yet another Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show

Life Membership Awards

Life Membership awards  were made to Ray Fick and his Wife Gillian for services to the club for many years, right from it’s inauguration I believe.
Two further awards were made to  Howard and his Wife Andy for fifteen years of work as Chairman and Secretary and who have played a most important part in the history of Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club

Treasurers report.
Our treasurer Rob Paton reported that we are floating quite well, not sinking and that we are now in a position to consider booking a couple of professional speakers next year. This was Rob’s last report as he is retiring to Portugal and we wish Rob and Kathleen well in their new home. I believe Rob has already sussed out a bonsai club in Lisbon, keep in touch Rob, follow the website and thank you for taking care of our books and monies.

Club Business
The matter of electing committee members was speedily approved as they were re-elected en bloc.

Our President’s Challenge
Always wanting to push us that bit further and to explore new paths in the bonsai journey John suggested a new competition that he had seen prove popular with other clubs that he is associated with, The Shoebox Challenge.  Written rules to follow but basically it involves creating a bonsai or accent plant related display in a shoe box. An ordinary no nonsense shoe box not a carton for a pair of fisherman’s waders as someone suggested. So you will hear more of this next year meanwhile it’s off to the drawing board of ideas for me.




The winner in this class was Tony with his Chinese Juniper
Semi-Cascade in a very nice

SECOND  Richard P’s Pieris group                        THIRD Sara’s Chinese Elm  informal broom




FIRST  Michael C’s Japanese White Pine

    SECOND Jon’s Stewartia           THIRD Brian’s Hinoki Cypress 

Tree of the Month Competition The Years result

Each month the competition marks are added up, one list is the number of marks from the members on the night and the other the marks awarded in the critiques. Often on the night the places can differ due to the instant emotional appeal that evening to members. The judge’s critique marks are far more searching though and thanks to Ade’s discerning eye I think most of us have learnt a lot more about presenting and caring for our trees on reading his comments. Adrian who has been responsible for organising the competition and who is generally the judge explained this difference and asked which result did we want to use for the yearly award.
It so happens he then said that the first few places did coincide on both lists having varied at times during the year.

Mainly as an example of Aesop’s Hare and the Tortoise race Michael C came first by just img_3289consistently entering reasonable trees every month rather than members who might enter a fantastic tree but only on the odd occasion.







Tony won this and now by the rules must elevate into the Advanced Class for next year.


Surprise, surprise you have won Tony, don’t look so shocked.

SECOND was Sara    and  THIRD was Richard P

Thank you again Ade for running a really good competition, one which guarantees that there will always be a number of trees of all shapes, sizes and standards for any new visitor to our cub to see and that they may  understand that on the fascinating path that is Bonsai there is room for everyone from newest beginner to experienced old hand.

As usual the Critique marks sheet may be viewed via this link  December critique


And of course a

Merry Christmas

And a Happy and Peaceful New Year




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Day Workshop November 2016

Before and After


‘Gardenori rather than Yamadori ‘  –  could have been  the name of the game for some of the trees at our second day long workshop held at Howard and Andys’s this Autumn. For a full report from Ade please use this link. november-2016-workshop. Well worth reading to see the development that can be achieved in only one day. Thank you everyone concerned with making these workshops such a success

Looking forward to seeing every body at our AGM this month and the Christmas Nibbles and cakes.



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