John B

Species & History:

Botanical Name: Pyracantha.

Common Name: Firethorn.

Common varieties: Pyracantha Red Column, Pyracantha Orange Glow, Pyracantha Mohave.

Purchased at a nursery 8 years ago, and used very much as an experimental tree for the first few years. Fortunately it was hardy enough to stand up to all the mistakes I made, and the wounds are healing up nicely (both the ones I made to the tree, and the ones the spikes made to me!).

It originally had a clumped root ball that has over time formed an interesting feature; now though it needs to be worked on.

This species generally has very brittle branches, and does not take well to anything other than very gently adjustments; some of the branches have been moved, but still a way to go until they reach their final location.

The biggest problem was, that I decided last year to change the planting angle – if you tilt your head to the right about 10 degrees you can see the original plane, but the top was lopsided and was never going to come right, so I took the plunge and moved it.

Pot: Walsall Ceramics.