Barry W

An ‘accidental Bonsai’ by Barry W.

The following images are of a plant that I am hoping may eventually become a half decent Azalea wind-swept bonsai!

It has arrived at it’s current state by sheer accident – it was growing steadily in my front garden until just over two years ago, when we were forced, as with most now, to give part of the garden over to an NCP style car park! Most of the plants were not worth preserving, but the Azalea holds sentimental value as my father gave it to me and planted it not long before he died. Therefore, at my request, the contractor carrying-out the project dug my plant up and planted it in a bucket as a temporary home. Unfortunately he managed to break off nearly a half of my treasured plant in the process! I was obviously a little upset, but was amazed that it seemed to flourish in it’s new shape and new but temporary home. So last year I treated it to new pot from the local DIY – not very complimentary but again it has continued to flourish at an amazing rate. I was taking the photos because of the mass of blooms, when I suddenly realised it might make a bonsai, a wind-swept. My wife, after my eureka moment, said “Oh no, not another bonsai!” (We’ve all been there Barry [Editor])

It’s current size is approximately 70 cm L X 40 cm W X 45 cm H and I think it will need reducing just a little, and perhaps a little thinning-out followed by styling and refining, but it’s almost ready-made and I never envisaged it as a bonsai until taking the photos in mid May this year. Maybe I am a dreamer?

So, I am now looking around for an appropriate pot, before re-potting time next year, and think it deserves a nice one and will be prepared to pay anything up to 80 or even a hundred – pence! Seriously, I imagine it in a square, concave sided pot – semi-cascade style and around a minimum of 25 cm square. So, if anyone knows of a source of a suitable pot, or has one for sale, then I would be most grateful for any reasonable leads or offers, via the Committee or club meeting, thank you.