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 Scots PineJB1BLOG


A healthy young tree with delicate, graceful movement in well tapered trunk. Heavily wired this year to give shape and place the branches so that as the pads develop over the next year or two this tree will rapidly take on a much more mature appearance. The young branch tips are still very flexible and can be easily placed.

The bark on the lower trunk is beginning to show some pleasing signs of age, there are JB2BLOGthree main roots which have the making of a good balanced nebari

Some removed branches were turned into Jin but can be reduced or removed altogether

width 39cm x height 28cm (from top of pot) x depth 26cmJB3BLOG


Unglazed rectangle in dark brown with curved edges. This deep pot provides excellent rooting depth for this ‘tree in training’

Width 16.5 cm x height 6 cm x depth 13.5cm





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