Bonsai Care

Various articles on Bonsai care will be added here from time to time

Dealing with drought

The weather has been wonderful for the beach, days and days of blue sky and not a shower of rain. So the nightly task of watering your trees goes on but we all live busy lives and for some reason or another a tree gets missed…………..what happens.

Firstly the tree cannot survive if it looses too much water via its leaves so the tree cuts of the flow of nutrient to the leaves and they go brown and fall off, eventually, If you find a tree with its leaves dying don’t despair. The tree may look dead but it may not be.

Plunge the tree so that the root mass and pot is under water, not too cold. Be careful as it is quite likely that the root mass and soil has shrunk and the pot can, and often does, fall away.

Allow the tree to soak until no more bubbles come to the surface showing that as much water as possible has been soaked into the root ball and set the tree aside to drain. Make sure it is in a relatively wind free shady spot.

24 hours later plunge again but this time add some general purpose fertiliser to the water. You need a good general 6-6-6 fertiliser, These figures are the N, K, P amounts (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium). Once done then set the tree aside in its ‘hospital area’ and water as normal.

Hopefully you will soon be rewarded with new buds and the tree will fully revive.