October 2017 meeting.

Planting by the Moon

A talk by Club Member Tony Moore

Lunar zodiac

I must admit that having lived for years in Glastonbury surrounded by magic crystal shops and tarot card readers etc. I wondered what Tony had in store for us for our October meeting. Well it seems that there is a lot more to this than I expected, thousands of years of knowledge and the practical experience of our forefathers combined to make a case for planting, pruning , seeding and all things relating to the culture of trees and plants according to the phases of the moon.

Tony himself is a great believer in an ecological way of life even to the extent of having a 7000 litre water holding tank under the garden so he speaks with the enthusiasm of someone who practices what he preaches…

The phases of the moon have for years influenced the work of many occupations, Surgeons and Vets, Horse Breeders, Tomato growers, Salmon and Trout breeders, Vineyards, Timber Growers, Fishermen and Sleep researchers to name but a few, as they say.
This is of course in addition to the things that we all know so well already such as the Tony lessonmoons pull on the oceans creating the tides. Tony illustrated the elliptical orbit of the moon with it’s Apogee and Perigee when then moon is further way and then  nearer to the earth and exerting a lesser and then greater power.

Tony explained that he was following the work of Nick Kollerstrom author of

Gardening and Planting by the Moon a yearly almanac for this system of horticulture. 

Without the book one can also refer to a Lunar Callendar or consult website such as
Ancient Moon Gardening

Thank you Tony  for a most enlightening evening.

I suppose that the proof of the the pudding is in the eating and if Tony’s own trees are any thing to go by then obviously the system works.


Theme Autumn Colour

FIRST by member’s votes 

M.C.’s  PyracanthaMC Pyracantha







Tony’s Larch Group Planting
If you looked very closely there was a fox
in the undergrowth.

Tonys larches


Brian’s  Arakawa Maple
I heard that Brian actually got this one as a freebie from a nursery, lucky B…rian

Brians acer


FIRST Richard P’s Pieris

Richard paires


SECOND Richard M’s Cotoneaster                                         THIRD Andy’s Trident Maple


A word then about Ade our critique judge and organiser of the Tree of the Month Competition. He just casually mentioned that he had done a 10Km run earlier in the day, I have a job just going to the village shop for my paper. The Judge
Of course I am not practicing for the The Great South Run as Adrian is, I believe he is aiming to do 10 miles in 1hour 25minutes all in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society on Oct 22nd. 

Sponsors for this very worthy cause can visit his webpage for the event and help Ade on his way to his target.


Adrian’s Critique for this months trees differs again from the member’s votes for the order in which he placed the trees , his eagle eye and concentration on our entries really spots the errors and flaws and helps members refine their trees in the future

October Tree of the Month Critique       ToTM Critique sheet Oct 2017

DON’T FORGET NOVEMBER MEETING our ANNUAL AUCTION is NOT ON OUR USUAL DAY – Make sure you have it correct on your calendar NOVEMBER 22nd.



A quick photo graphic P.S. just to show Ade that I did remember the name of the tree that he brought along to show us, which of course as judge could not enter himself into the T.O.T.Month. at least that gives the rest of us a chance.

Ades tree

Enkianthus a lime hating shrub or tree originally found in large areas of Asia growing in places similar to rhododendrons which has clusters of bell shaped flowers in the spring.


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