2017 Our Annual Show

Corner group

Once again it is show time and on Friday evening before the Bank Holliday week-end a team of our members were busy erecting the marquee at Willowbrook Garden Centre.
( If during this report I fail to mention a particular member’s contribution to the event please forgive me. )
Brian, Sara, Roger & Son, Bill and the two Richards all tugged and pulled various ropes and canvas to raise the tent and prepare it for the display of trees which was completed under Adrian’s critical eye on the Saturday morning.

It is not just to see our trees displayed at their best in a show that we put on this show but it is also to spread the word about the art of Bonsai, to make it available to the general public as well as other enthusiasts. If we can get a few new faces to join our Club or one in their own area then the show has been a success . To that end our selection includes not only impressive specimen trees but also exhibits by new members who may have only recently taken up Bonsai and trees that have been created at the cost of only a few pounds and a few years.


Among the trees there were also a nmber of  Accent plantings by various members but I must make special mention of the work put in by Andy, our Club Chairman Howard’s lady wife, who in adition to being our Club Secretary with all that that task  involves also creates beautifull Accent displays.


Fowl play in any judgement of the trees would not of course be countenanced

Fowl Play







Jon our Club proffesional  forester  was one of a number of members who worked on trees during the week -end demonstrating to visitors what is involved in creating and maintaining Bonsai..

Show tree 17 Ades



Club Chairman Howard would like to thank everyone for working so hard to make the show a success and our very special thanks to The Willowbrook   Garden  Centre at West Buckland Near Wellington for making us so welcome.




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