March 2017 meeting


Spring is in the air at last and activity in the world of bonsai steps up a few notches and after this club night I think many of us will be able to raise our game as well having followed our President John  Trott’s very instructive demonstration.

John demonstrated using a Japanese White Pine which he had acquired some while back and IMG_20170308_195416had been meaning to set about it some day so we were privileged to watch as he started to work on it in front of an audience of T & SBC members.

The tree  which John said was probably forty or so years old  had the remaining stubs of a lot of branches and a really  rough bark giving the tree a great  appearance of age


John’s first task was to remove any dead wood and quite a lot of foliage allowing the basic structure of the tree to show better. Those two handlebar branches soon went prior to starting on wiring what was left .We were told to work on the tree from the bottom up when doing this work leaving the top till last.
A member asked if he would use Lime Sulphur on the old stubs and the new stubs that he was creating and jining. John’s opinion was that the age of the tree looked better with the natural weathered grey stubs which were far more natural than brilliant Lime sulphured ones even if they had colouring added to tone them down a bit.

                         ” Lets let a bit of light in there.”       “That’s looking better now.”

Last one

Now it’s a wiring job.

(Sadly your web correspondent had to leave at this stage so I hope that John will supply us with a photo of this tree when it is finished)

Throughout the evening John was also assisted by Club member Dave G. who worked on a Sakhalin Spruce, a tree that comes from Japan and Southern Russia and is named after a famous Russian botanist and explorer. The branches had already been wired down where they joined the trunk but lifted considerably towards the ends and after a general tidy up Dave then lowered the ends of the branches using guys fixed to the training pot rim



Members voted for

Geoff’s mature Larch and Jon’s Fuji Cherry Kojo- no- mai ( Cloud of Butterflies)

Tony’s  Forsythia and Michael’s Pink Cherry ‘Paean’ Prunus Incisa.

Brian’s Cherry



FIRST  Jack’s Maple
SECOND Richard M’s Alder


Whilst watching Johns demonstration we had been  well aware of the mutterings and whispering coming from the direction of the Tree of The Month Competition tables so our thanks this month to our two judges, who took over the task in Ade’s absence, professional forester Jon and Roger, one of the Clubs longest serving members, for the due diligence and thought that went into this months critique.

Just when I thought I had a pot that suited my tree Ade, that master of pot correctness, was not there!

The detailed results of their deliberation can be accessed at this link 
ToTM Critique sheet


Wessex Bonsai Society Show at Bournemouth on May 7th

Details at   Wessex Bonsai Show

Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group Tenth Anniversary Exhibition at Shaftesbury on May 21st

Details  at Blackmore Vale Club Show


That’s all for now ,see you next month on the 12th April for a demonstration by
Rita and Mark Cooper on Kusonoma,  Accent Plants.  TOTM – Spring Colour.


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