February 2017 meeting

Spring Re-potting Workshop


A really busy workshop evening, root hooks and rakes beavering away at all the tables .


The left hand side team seemed be taking it rather more seriously than the right hand crowd though.









Whilst others who had not brought trees along were able to pick up a few tips by watching Club President John at work on his tree._20170208_221354

And a number of hands were needed to help Sara with her lofty treasure. A Katsura, native of China and Japan ,one of the largest deciduous trees which can grow to more than 100 feet in the wild.
I hope that pot is big enough Sara.


Geoff raced ahead getting his lovely Stewartia nicely re-potted.  A tree not often come across in bonsai circles, it is a genus of 8 to 20 species of flowering  plants related to the Camellia geoffs-stewartia

Meanwhile Adrian and Roger were there to offer us all their words of wisdom.

_20170208_222006 ‘What do make of that pot then Ade?’







‘I don’t know, but it says Made in China on the bottom.’


The inspiration for us all that evening was the tree at the back of the hall ,our Club President John Trott’s Siberian Elm which he had just brought back from displaying it at the foremost bonsai event in Europe, The Noelanders Trophy Show at Genk in Belgium. Noelanders is one of the great bonsai event of the year world wide so the club can be proud to think that one of our members was represented there, well done John.johns-siberian-elmblog

Just look at that ramification and wonder at the work that has gone into this tree.

Tree of the Month Competition 

Now I could say, that I have reported so much of the evening activities that there is not room for the results. Or I could come clean and admit that somehow or other I must have had a senior moment again and did not take a photo of the tree that achieved the most marks in the Advanced Class from our competition judge.
A few hours later
But the situation has now been saved as Jon has kindly emailed me a splendid photo of his Hinoki Cypress which Adrian our judge placed first in his precise technical assessments of our trees.


I so glad that it happened this way  because feel sure that had Jon been able to display his tree as well as this on the night, then the trunk could have been  more visible and he would deservedly have won the members votes hands down. A beautiful tree Jon I love the delicateness of the foliage contrasting with the character of that root base.


FIRST The most members votes went to your absent minded web manager Michael C ‘s my-juniper-bestLittle Cascade Juniper which was worked up from a modest nursery stock years ago.

SECOND was Jon’s Hinoki Cypress,seen above as the judges favourite


THIRD Tony’s Atlas Cedar



FIRST The most votes in this class went to Sara’s Cryptomeria


SECOND was Richard P’s Podocarpus





THIRD was Richard M’s Western Hemlock







Thank you to Adrian for getting his critique report to me so promptly, which you can access here.  totm-critique-sheet-feb-2017

Don’t forget it is the Swindon Society Show on Sunday Feb Feb 26th –  full details via this link to their website   Swindon Bonsai Society Show

See you next month on March 8th  – Talk and  Demo by John Trott and TOM competition theme of Blossoms and Buds.


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