January 2017 Meeting



A busy workshop evening- I wonder what Sara is up to with that nice little tree of hers?


The first meeting of the year was a hive of activity as members worked on their trees with the advice of some of the ‘old hands.’  Club President John, Ade  and Roger were there ready to lend assistance and words of bonsai wisdom to us less experienced members. Books are good, videos are a help but there is nothing like someone standing by ones shoulder telling you exactly what to do, why you should do it and what a difference it might make to ones tree in the future.

John had some time to spend on one of his own trees as well whilst Ade settled down to _20170111_225411judging the Tree of the Month entries, of which there were very few at this meeting sadly



Brian set about a young sapling Beech as Ade gave Tony some hints for his tree.







Tree of the Month Competition
Theme – Winter Image.

Very few entries this month which resulted in a walk over for Richard P in the Novices Class


FIRST Richard P’s  White Pine _20170111_224532











Geoff’s Trident Maple_20170111_225123fb



Roger W’s Acer Palmatum Triple Trunk

THIRD  Tony’s Lonicera

Sara’s Success

And if you were wondering what Sara managed to do to her tree (Photo at the top) before the meeting finished, well she set about it with her carving chisels and this is the result. We are looking forward to seeing it at a later date Sara and see how it has progressed.


This months website competition could be, who can tell me first what sort of tree it is? Seeing as this absent minded old codger had a senior moment or two that evening.

It just proves that someone reads this as Club President John phoned up within the hour of publication to tell me Sara’s tree was a Korean Hornbeam. Of course it was, I was only sitting next to Sara most of the evening and as I am with people’s names probably asked her more than once “what is it?”


The judges detailed critique notes for January are available via this link totm-critique-sheet-jan-2017

Don’t forget next months meeting Feb 8th. Workshop,re-potting

Tree of the month Competition- Evergreens

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