December 2016 Meeting AGM


Members cluster around Club President JohnTrott as he shows them their new challenge.

The Chairman’s report
A year has gone by and it’s AGM time again. We started off with an address from our Chairman Howard who thanked all the members for their hard work during the last year. He mentioning in particular all those responsible for our annual show at Willowbrook, Brian and team  for the displays that were put on at Exmouth Show and at Lupton House in  Devon, Adrian for organising the very successful Tree of the Month Competition, Adrian and Roger for the new day long workshops and Jon for the tree collecting trip. Mention was also made of the website and Facebook and how it has raised the profile of the club.

Presidents Address
Club President John Trott remarked on what an active, friendly and  good natured club we are and attributed much of that to Howard our Chairman and Andy his Wife and our Club Secretary, their easy going manner and art of delegation having encouraged an active and enterprising club. John presented small gifts from the club to a number of members for services that they had done for the club during the past year.

Members on the floor complimented John  on winning yet another Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show

Life Membership Awards

Life Membership awards  were made to Ray Fick and his Wife Gillian for services to the club for many years, right from it’s inauguration I believe.
Two further awards were made to  Howard and his Wife Andy for fifteen years of work as Chairman and Secretary and who have played a most important part in the history of Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club

Treasurers report.
Our treasurer Rob Paton reported that we are floating quite well, not sinking and that we are now in a position to consider booking a couple of professional speakers next year. This was Rob’s last report as he is retiring to Portugal and we wish Rob and Kathleen well in their new home. I believe Rob has already sussed out a bonsai club in Lisbon, keep in touch Rob, follow the website and thank you for taking care of our books and monies.

Club Business
The matter of electing committee members was speedily approved as they were re-elected en bloc.

Our President’s Challenge
Always wanting to push us that bit further and to explore new paths in the bonsai journey John suggested a new competition that he had seen prove popular with other clubs that he is associated with, The Shoebox Challenge.  Written rules to follow but basically it involves creating a bonsai or accent plant related display in a shoe box. An ordinary no nonsense shoe box not a carton for a pair of fisherman’s waders as someone suggested. So you will hear more of this next year meanwhile it’s off to the drawing board of ideas for me.




The winner in this class was Tony with his Chinese Juniper
Semi-Cascade in a very nice

SECOND  Richard P’s Pieris group                        THIRD Sara’s Chinese Elm  informal broom




FIRST  Michael C’s Japanese White Pine

    SECOND Jon’s Stewartia           THIRD Brian’s Hinoki Cypress 

Tree of the Month Competition The Years result

Each month the competition marks are added up, one list is the number of marks from the members on the night and the other the marks awarded in the critiques. Often on the night the places can differ due to the instant emotional appeal that evening to members. The judge’s critique marks are far more searching though and thanks to Ade’s discerning eye I think most of us have learnt a lot more about presenting and caring for our trees on reading his comments. Adrian who has been responsible for organising the competition and who is generally the judge explained this difference and asked which result did we want to use for the yearly award.
It so happens he then said that the first few places did coincide on both lists having varied at times during the year.

Mainly as an example of Aesop’s Hare and the Tortoise race Michael C came first by just img_3289consistently entering reasonable trees every month rather than members who might enter a fantastic tree but only on the odd occasion.







Tony won this and now by the rules must elevate into the Advanced Class for next year.


Surprise, surprise you have won Tony, don’t look so shocked.

SECOND was Sara    and  THIRD was Richard P

Thank you again Ade for running a really good competition, one which guarantees that there will always be a number of trees of all shapes, sizes and standards for any new visitor to our cub to see and that they may  understand that on the fascinating path that is Bonsai there is room for everyone from newest beginner to experienced old hand.

As usual the Critique marks sheet may be viewed via this link  December critique


And of course a

Merry Christmas

And a Happy and Peaceful New Year




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