November 2016 Club Auction Night

Following the success of last years auction which we hoped might become an annual occasion we have indeed had our second one, an entertaining evening with plenty of  bargains to be had and  an opportunity to raise some money for our club funds at the
same time.

Tables full of all sorts of trees, books and pots from tiny seedling starters to much more mature table-1specimens were enough to make one wish one had brought a few more pounds along for the evening.


Our Club President John Trott was auctioneer for the evening once again, having proved his talents last year for extracting every last penny out of members for every lot that came under his hammer.

It was an excellent evening for new members to pick up some very useful items. From that fine book  of reference, Harry Tomlinson’s Complete Book of Bonsai to trees at all stages to get a collection going, they were all there for the bidding.


And the one that got away, I should have been a bit quicker on that one, eh Richard?

Trees that would have cost loads more elsewhere such as this very mature Ficus  Retusa and a very promising Azalea, which meant two jolly satisfied members went home with those.

The wooden stands that would be really useful come exhibition time and the Lonicera Natida that must have come from someone’s hedge and which had great potential for a smashing tree one day. These were just a few of the lots that made it such a good evening.


And even the Hornbeam that I managed to get myself .my-hornbeam

So all in all a great success, thanks to John and his team of helpers who kept him supplied with a steady selection of lots and all the members who gave lots, or the commission on other larger items, and we now  look forward to next years event.

I just hope certain members had enough room in their cars to get their
purchases home, eh Richard?

Handmade Bonsai Pot Project


For some time M.C.has been looking for a potter whose skills, glazes and  materials etc were suitable for making bonsai pots and having found one that might be just the person a few pots were commissioned for members to see and offer their thoughts on.
Obviously Auction night was not the best time to bring extra things along so they will be brought along again at future meeting and taking on board members comments a few plainer ones have also been commissioned to offer an alternative design. It is hoped that if we can encourage the potter to follow this up we might have a source of quality pots hand made in Somerset.

Tree of the Month Competition was postponed due to it being such a busy evening.

And our usual thanks to Bill Parr for his photographs as he has a much steadier hand than this old duffer who was so pleased to see Bill there this month, he does help keep things in focus.



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