Bonsai South West 2016



An early morning start and a lot of hard work by some dedicated members must have been necessary to put on a display as good as this for our contribution to the Bonsai South West Show held at The Pavilion Exmouth on Sunday 12th June. Our first showing elsewhere in such a show ever or certainly for many years

Trees such  as these must have shown the world of bonsai that there is more to Bonsai in Somerset than they might have thought as we put on a show that any club could have been proud of.


Years of work tending these beauties, many man hours preening them for the show and hours of work  on the day, packing, travelling and  putting it all together, well done  everybody.


No wonder these two, Ade and Brian, look so pleased with themselves’ .

Many thanks to Bill P for the photographs
and to members, Brian, Sara, Ade and Jon who helped T. & S. B.C’s. stand look so good.

More of Bill’s photos showing the Pavilion interior and some of the other exhibitors trees.


Somerset displayu

Hmm Taunton and Somerset? Now that’s  nice.”






“OK Brian, what are we going to do next year?”

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