May 2016 Meeting – Pruning & Preening



Bonsai show posterGetting ready for our Show
 Only a few weeks to go now to our annual show and
much of the evening was devoted to pruning and preening ones trees and Adrian choosing those that he thought would make a varied and interesting collection  for our show.

It was good to see Michael W., a newcomer from North Petherton , turn up to see what we got up to and I am pleased to say that is another new member which together with Geoff and a couple of others recently does show that  Bonsai is still surviving in Somerset.

Jon could be found hurriedly doing a bit of last minute weeding for his Tree of the Month  JOn hiding in the foliageentry before Ade cast his eagle eye over our trees.




Michael W. was wondering what Richard was up to with his big specimen.
Richard  plucking up courage to cut

 Whilst Jon then got round to having a
think tank with Sara over one of her treesJon and Sara deep in thought





And James hung on Ade’s word of advice over his young Acer.

Right James what are we going to do with this

Tree of the Month Competition

Geof was an easy winner with his fine trident maple

Geoff's trident maple

Advanced Class First Geoff’s Trident Maple


Followed by these three entries


                     M.C.’s Acer Kashima 2nd.              Jon B’s Beech 3rd                       Brians Acer


Only a couple of entries here which is a shame because all members are welcome however new to the world of bonsai to submit a tree and it is surprising how well the scores can add up by the end of the year if one keeps on entering the monthly competition  as well as having the benefit of the judges more informed notes in his critique on one’s tree.

First. Sara’s Acer                                  Second       Richard’s Field Maple 

Use the following link ToTM Critique sheet May 2016 for the full details of the members votes for each tree and the judges critique . Please note that the judge’s scoring does not necessarily agree with the members votes, it is interesting to see that  the initial impressions and appeal of a tree reflected in members votes may well differ from the very detailed assessment of the expert who is looking for every aspect of tree and presentation from the pot at the bottom to uppermost leaf at the top.

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