Day Workshops. Spring 2016

WPine 1

Japanese White Pine Before the workshop


A welcome new venture for our club this year has been the All Day Workshops organised by the club elders to help us less experienced members along the path of bonsai .

Wpine 2

And after two hours in the workshop

To start with there were two dates this year in March and April when two members on the first occasion and four in April were able to benefit from the hands on advice and assistance from Ade and Roger.
As an attendee in April I felt it was a really worthwhile day,  I  picked up some useful tips and also had my confidence boosted enough to undertake some quite drastic steps. Some of the steps I knew should be taken but I just needed a nudge from one of the ‘old hands’ to spur me on and show me just how it should be done and other steps that were the result of a fresh eye looking at the tree and pointing out a new direction to go.

I know that our April day was pretty chilly so we were all very appreciative of the hospitality provided by Andy and Howard in their home. Andy’s tasty tomato and peppers soup and Howard’s home made bread and the extensive cheese board to follow warmed us all up. So altogether a very successful day with our thanks to all and a welcome boost to the club funds at the same time.

Ade’s detailed  WORKSHOP REPORTS regarding each tree involved can be accessed via the following links. 

March 2016 Workshop                                                         April 2016 workshop

It is to be hoped that these workshops can be a yearly or seasonal event in the future

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