April 2016 Meeting -Workshop

Ades forsythia
Spring is in the air and after a long depressing winter bonsai buds are bursting out everywhere, a time of year that stirs the enthusiast back into action so our April meeting was full of busy members repotting their pines and titivating other trees they had brought along.


On the left with the blue grey potting trays


And on the right with the black potting trays

Studies of concentrated effort on both sides of the room as we pressed on with our trees. Some cogitating possible improvement, some ploughing on with it clear in their minds what needed doing and others pleased to hang on the words of advice and  encouragement from some of the older hands in the club.


‘Now if you bring that retaining wire through there.’



Adrian and Roger ‘Old Hands’ offering thoughts and advice

As club photographer Bill was back with us, thank goodness, this month and his selection of images of a busy workshop are so good the Tree of the Month Competition results and photos will be posted on a separate News blog in the near future


Tree of the Month Competition results are to follow shortly in a separate blog posting

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