March 2016 Meeting


It’s not every club that is as lucky as we are to have one of the country’s leading bonsai growers, JohnTrott as our President , so here we were only a week or so after John was featured so lavishly in The Telegraph -see The Man behind British Bonsai hanging on his every word during his demonstration of group planting.

We progressed from the planting of some very small Japanese Larch to seeing some similar groups that he had done in earlier years and being able to see what work was then required  as they matured.

John then demonstrated a planting of some Pseudolarix, Golden Larch and a group of young Crab Apples, all compositions of tree grouping that should look splendid in a few years. One could appreciate that these group plantings can achieve something very attractive, with modest outlay in a much shorter time than individual trees. I am sure that even our more advance members went home with some new snippets of information, I know I have trimmed my Larch groups this morning. Many thanks John for a very informative evening

Tree of the Month Competition – Group Plantings
Novices Class

Tony's Larch

Novices 1st Tony’s Larch Group

This months careless mistake was getting the photo above wrong to start with,  an eagle eyed Tony soon spotted the  faux pas and it has been duly corrected


Sarah's Best S

Novices 2nd Sara’s Cryptomeria Group


Ricchaerds Ash S

Novices 3rd Richard P’s Ash Group









Advanced Class

Korean hornbeam S

Advanced 1st Geoff’s Korean Hornbeam Group

Jons entry S

Advanced 2nd = Jon B’s Hemlock Group


Advanced 2= Michael C’s Acer group









The Judges scores and comments – For the  full results of both the members voting and the judges scores and comments follow this link for the March Critique ToTM Critique sheet Mar 2016



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