January 2016 Meeting


Winter Image – Workshop and NEW IMPROVED Tree of the Month Competition

All hands to the pump at this meeting as Ade announced the Many handsnew format for our tree of the month competition. As members worked on their trees we saw Ade and John muttering away with a clip board in the corner and wondered what was on the cards and we soon found out.

Having had a year of T O T M competitions it seems it is time we took it more seriously according to our President. Time that we preened and titivated our entries and not just grabbed anything that came to hand as one rushed off to a meeting hoping that it would do.
Competition and Critique that will be the name of the game in future so as well as votes by other members for a Novices and Advanced class there will also be a critique of the trees entered as marks out of 100, covering various qualities of the tree and comments and suggestions from two judges. This should raise the standards a bit and also teach us all a thing or two about our trees.
I rather think this caught some of us out that evening when we heard what they would be looking for or hoping not to find growing in our pots as well as a tree, I know a few will be giving  a good check over their pots  for weeds next time.

Now apologies from me, Club photographer Bill P was unable to attend and I had to get the camera out which with my very unsteady hand  resulted in some rotten photos. So I am sorry if your particular tree is one of the poor pictures, next time I should have a tripod in the car.. Please come back Bill.

Results for the Advanced Class

And in the Novices Class

It is interesting to see that the member’s  votes and the judges scoring do not always match as their  experienced eyes see more than just an initial impression and find all our faults and our  bonsai misdeeds . Still it should put us on the right track for future months 

Competition judges Ade and our President John both  brought along a couple of trees each to show  us just what can be achieved when one really has the time and technique to lavish on a tree. I don’t know if they inspire one or make one just chuck it all in and take up Orchids instead.

Ades pair

Two Of Ade’s trees

Presidnets two

Our Presidents pair


The Judges scores and comments -For the  full results of both the members voting and the judges scores and comments follow this link

ToTM Critique sheet Jan 2016 (1)

Many thanks to Ade for organising this competition in the first place and getting us all to up our game, as they say now.



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