November 2015 Meeting


On a night which we hope will become an annual event a room of full eager bidders rallied round to acquire new trees, pots and seedlings  whilst raising money for club funds at the same time.IMG_3970
Club President John was auctioneer and wheedled the pennies and pounds out of the members pockets extracting every last possible bid before the gavel fell

From modest twigs which he assured us
really would be splendid trees one day IMG_3974

IMG_3975to items that had a few years behind them and showed real promise John had a good word for them all.

Lot No 13 Lucky for some.

Even soliciting a very brave bid for a carrier bag of unseen bonsai related goodies I just hope the buyer continues to be a member after his evenings purchases

'Do I hear thirty pounds?'

‘Do I hear thirty pounds?’

Altogether an entertaining evening when many members went home with something to add to their collections and the club having something to add to it’s balance sheet.

Thanks to Bill again for the photos this month


1st -Jon’s Beech

Many members having brought along lots for the auction meant that only a few bothered to bring along trees for the monthly competition.
The Advanced Section was won by Jon’s Beech
was in a pot that I can well understand that he was proud of.

Second in the Advanced Section was Brian’s Prunus Incisa
variety Kojo-no-mai.  I bet it looks good in the spring.


2nd Brian’s Prunus

The Novices was won by Sara with a majestic Katsura and Michael came second with a colourful Pyracanta

Novices 1st Sra's Katsura

Novices 1st Sara’s Katsura

(Katsura- also known as The Candy Floss Tree)

Novices 2nd Michael's Pyracantha

Novices 2nd Michael’s Pyracantha

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