October 2015 Meeting

Back to school
A Lesson in Plant physiology with reference to Bonsai

'Please Sir'

‘Please Sir’

A talk by Geoff Conybeare

I expect quite a lot of us think we know what we should be  doing looking after our little trees but why we have to do it is perhaps more of a mystery and that was what  Geoff was trying to clear up for us at our October meeting.

His talk showed us the structure of plant cells and the work that is done by the various components of a cell in providing the strength of the tree in the cellulous, the way that water is drawn up the tree and the chemicals that are needed for the health of a tree.

IMG_3905Some members struggled to recall their school days science lessons. Brian, I noticed,  nodded very sagely, as Geoff referred to the periodic table of elements their negative and positive ions etc  before we  went on to witness an impressive demonstration of the pull of magnetism of on water.

A slightly Heath Robinson display that had some of us cross legged as we watched a IMG_3907fine  stream of water jet out  of a cider bottle before being coaxed up and down, attracted by the static of a plastic ruler.


I think it was at this point we had a coffee or loo break, before returning to learn more from Geoff’s valuable talk and demonstrations

'Can I have the help of someone from the audience please?'

‘Can I have the help of someone from the audience please?’

I am sure that we all went away knowing a lot more about  how our trees actually work and what they need to function properly as well as  having heard one or two long held beliefs destroyed.




October Trees of the Month Competition- Autumn Colours

In Ade’s absence Jon organised our monthly voting for the Tree of the Month which sadly had only a few entries, it would be nice to see a few more trees brought along however modest they might be. If visitors or newcomers attend a meeting it is essential that there are at least some trees to see and that  there is a place for the beginners specimens as well as the more  splendid example of the art .  The competition selection included

and the winners were

Next month’s competition is on the theme of a Winter Image.

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