September 2015 Meeting

My Favourite Tree was the theme of the meeting with members bringing along a tree and saying a few words about it. One thing that soon appeared to be common to most was that nearly all the trees were ones that members had grown themselves from simple starting material , hedgerows, garden, or garden centre
plants,  hardly any were trees bought as bonsais.

Jon' s passionate enthusiasm shines through

Jon’ s passionate enthusiasm shines through

In other words they were all the results of TLC
and ‘all my own work’.
Jon managed to get very passionate about his
little Rowan enthusiastically embarking on an
aesthetic journey into The Spirit of the Tree.

The other common factor of ‘Favourite trees’ seemed to be that most had been acquired for next to nothing. It’s not that we are a mean lot, just careful.

Sara’s  Euonymus or Spindle Tree was a splendid example of a freebie, rescued from a
garden as a four or five foot high shrub.

Sara now has this great group which looks so

Sara's Euonymus
Sara’s Euonymus

How did she do it you may well ask, it’s all
down to her father not looking where he was going with his tractor and flail and chopping  off the top half in one go. I think bonsai guru  Walter Pall extolls this let it grow and  shear it off method.

Sara, Joint Winner of Tree of the Month Novices

Roger W's English Elm

Roger W’s English Elm

Another freebie originally from a hedge was Roger W’s English Elm a smashing tree now after all the years that he has tended to it’s every need and a fine example of what are now very scarce example of out own native Elm.

Roger W.Winner of Tree of the Month Advanced
The only snag was that  Bill P our club photographer was not around and yours truly took the photos and it seems that I should have been more focused on the task .

Other examples of our members careful attitude to finding free starting material were- Rob’s Ash,  which just shows what can be done with something most people discard as bonsai potential, Richards’s Beech from hedgerow stock  and Simon’s little Cotoneaster
Sorry again about the photos guys

From Garden Centre stock Roger E had carefully tended his elegant little Potentilla root over rock for sixteen years and  Brian must have spent some years on his Larch to get it to it’s present mature tree form.

Bonsai Sept 001

Not a freebie this time, but probably quite a lot when purchased was Andy’s Chinese Elm bought many  years ago from Peter Chan, so it is mainly down to Andy and his new found enthusiasm  to go ahead now with his plans for this tree and see what develops, as a certain famous landscaper said it has great Capabilities

Tree  of the Evening perhaps but fortunately
not an entry in our Tree of the Month CompetitionBonsai Sept 019
(  As Ade actually organises the competition)
must have been Ade’s Field Maple growing
over/against a rock of lava a very handsome
specimen of our  native Acer the Acer Campestre

Bonsai Sept 018

Last to take his place at the table was your club reporter and rotten photographer Michael C.  Where  I showed  my cascade Juniper which I had given the Zen treatment – I had just sat and looked at it for about twenty five years before joining  T & S Bonsi Club which gave me the  courage to do a styling job on it, another twenty five years or so and it should be pretty good.

Thanks Howard for taking the most focused photo that night

Michael C.Joint First in Tree of the Month Novices

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