May 2015Meeting

A roomful of trees this month as members prepared for our annual show at Willowbrook Garden Centre on the 24/25th. The Tree of the Month Competition – First in the advanced class was Roger M’s splendid Beech and  Second place went to J.B.’s Larch which he was still tweaking. IMG_2928IMG_2909

The novices First went to Sarah with a beautiful cascade Juniper and Second to Andy with her colourful Acer

And that is not Andy above with the Acer that is Adrian, competition organiser, studying his form book wondering who will have tree of the year no doubt. It is just as well he does not enter as some of us  wouldn’t stand a chance then. Next months competition is ‘Deciduous Trees’

 The evening continued as a mutual tree admiration society for some  while novice members and newcomers added to their knowledge of bonsai with the assistance of the more experienced old hands.

Every one else it seems could smell Michael C’s little Lilac except Michael himself, poor old chap after all the years he spent growing it .

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