Black Pines Re style

Member bites the bullet for a big branch chop

For many years  member Michael C. managed to keep most of his trees alive but rather neglected their bonsai styling, due to the pressures of work, so he says. Now almost retired he has the time to take bonsai more seriously and to try and get them in order and to that end brought this Black Pine along to our recent club meeting for advice.
The first picture back in 2013 shows how it was rapidly turning into a bush.The second picture is after attempts to style it  last year but that had the cardinal bonsai sin of a branch twisting across the main area of the trunk and almost pointing straight at the viewer
After lots of mutterings ,head scratching, umming and ah-ring by a couple of much more experienced members followed by some twisting and turnings of the pot they came to a conclusion.
Cut of the  second branch, try and move the offending first branch,which was more supple, round further to the right and lower some of the top pad to the left, Do not turn it round as the roots, the nebari, were much more attractive from the present front view. So here it is job done and let’s just hope that when it grows some new needles this year and is tidied up and tweaked a bit more that it is all worth while. Also whilst doing this it was re potted, with little root disturbance as it was re potted last year, into a shallower pot which compliments the tree better.

Looking forward to seeing it later when it settles down


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