Swindon Winter Image Show 2015

Club outing to Swindon Winter Image show 2015

A few of us decided that the best way to brighten a wet wintry Sunday would be a day out at the ever popular Swindon Club show. What follows is a few brief highlights that hope to persuade readers to make the trip to next years show as these always reward the effort.

This show is a chance for clubs from around the area to gather and show trees that are at their best in winter – that is for deciduous trees that, in summer, become cloaked in a dense mat of foliage disguising the amazingly intricate branching. Often a tree that is styled to be displayed in winter looks far too heavy in summer, and likewise a summer display tree can look too sparse when viewed in winter. And of course a good selection of evergreens that look good any time of year.

Swindon Bonsai Show 060

Highlight of the show for me was the chance to see the shohin display from Mark & Ritta which returns triumphant with the Noelanders trophy (a show that can reasonably be considered the ‘Best of Europe’). Simply exquisite. Embarrassingly for the author such were the crowds gathered around this display that I never did manage to find a good angle to take a snap! So instead here is a lovely shohin chaemycyparis that was part of a very high quality display – not sure of the owner, possibly John Armitage. For me this was the best tree in the show.

Swindon Bonsai Show 051better

What I really like about this show is the sense of humour, not such a high profile show that gets too serious. This year we had an incense burner that served as a an accent, capturing a peaceful mountain retreat with a roaring log fire. Also the bronzes were lovely – such as this snail with a drift of beech leaves. A playful spirit of invention.
Jon B.

Swindon Bonsai Show 043

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