June 2012 Club Workshop

Our evening in June had been planned as a workshop. This is an opportunity to bring along whatever material you like and work with it; with help and advice if you wish. Alternatively it can also be an opportunity to have ‘your’ time for a few hours to work away on your tree / material.

The evening was extremely well attended, and certainly seemed one of our busiest  of late. Club Chairman Howard opened proceedings with a few announcements and then issued the instructions to commence. Here follows a brief write-up with images of the evening.

Members are arriving and bringing material in ready to work with. Coffee and tea can be seen clearly here; one must after all, have priorities in the right order.

Barry seems to be scrutinising an attractive Larch group, or, is studying to offer advice. Brian & Clifford seem to be in a deep and meaningful conversation over on the R/H side.

Simon can be seen pondering what might be the best approach to take with his own material. incidentally, Simon brought along a neatly grafted Hawthorn to Bogwood; image later.

Starting to fill out now. Ken has taken the best seat on the left, and Sarah has decided to get stuck in already. Bill and Barry can be seen ‘pondering,’ while Derek is also making a start. Up the steps on the left of camera is the nerve centre! Where we gather to make tea & coffee and pin name badges on.

Chairman Howard makes several announcements. This one time I am not being ‘told-off’ for talking, as yes, you guessed. It’s me taking the pictures!

The very slight blurring is down to just how fast Sarah Brian and Paul were working. I wish to make it quite clear it was not me drinking my coffee whilst snapping one-handed. If you look to where Sarah is working; or more specifically what she is working with; another image can be found further along after a ‘slight-trim!’ Luvverly Jubberley!

Better image of the tree Sarah is working with. The Larch is due to be put into a more suitable pot. Thought I should mention that the reason eggs pop up on a regular basis is one of our members brings several boxes to the club night each month. They really are the best eggs in the entire country. Worth joining the club just to have a dozen eggs each month! And could someone either confess … ‘fess-up;’ or is that actually Sarah with the pink ‘Crocs’ on? Truthfully … I see it is in fact Sarah by proof-reading and looking at the earlier images. PHEW!

Jack came along ‘armed’ with a selection of small pots. These are absolutely ideal to create a small Kusamono planting, or Accent style under-planting. Attractive, frost-proof, great design and very competitively priced. One came home with me to be presented to my other half. One has to do what one can to achieve an odd ‘Brownie-point’ to be chalked up for later redemption. Many thanks Jack.

And as if by magic; here is the pot I selected, and photographed the following day. Yes these are really lovely pots. I believe they are known as ‘handkerchief’ style pots. No doubt I shall be severely reprimanded and corrected if I am wrong. Oh nooooooo, not the stocks AGAIN!

The following tree brought along by Adrian is a really beautiful looking Mountain Maple, or Acer as often referred to. It is a very believable full-sized tree in miniature.

Small (ish) Larch group ready now for some basic work including a light thin. This is a closer view of the group that Barry could be seen accessing. An excellent group planting.

Ken watches over the ‘gaggle’ of ‘bonsaists,’ as Paul concentrates …”Hmmm, just a little snip here, and a little snip there! I wish that twit with the camera would go point it at someone else!!!”

Mentioned earlier. Sarah has for now completed an initial styling of her much treasured plant. It will now shoot like mad and require further styling. Nice one Sarah … nice one, even if the cup of tea in the blue mug requires resuscitation and a transfusion! Euuugh, that looks weak 🙂

Next up a fine-looking little tree. Not sure who the owner is but maybe at a guess …. Nope, I’ll leave them to tell me. Note how it is nicely secured to prevent movement.

Here Adrian is practising a new technique on his Larch. I overheard him humming. “Ommmmmm …ommmmmmm.” I understand this is an ancient skill; combined with patting and great concentration a Bonsai will arise! Well, maybe with the skill and experience as well.

Clifford puts the finishing touches to his beautiful Birch; while … trying to look serious, not stare at the camera, and pretend he knows precisely what the plan is! Yer not fooling us Clifford!

This would be the Tanuki, or phoenix graft that Simon has undertaken, using a common English Hawthorn and a nice piece of Bog-wood. This has been together now for around twelve months, and Simon will be inspecting closely very soon to see how it has done.

Simon also brought along his Field-Maple whereupon he has attempted to create a root over rock style. He mentioned he was not really happy with his efforts! Are we ever?

So an excellent evening all round; all that remained was to pack up and say our goodbyes until the next event.

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