New Members!

If you happen to have stumbled across us; or …. wondered if there actually is a club for Bonsai people in the area, then look no further!

Don’t be in the slightest bit put off if you see images of wonderful miniature trees; or GOLD RHS medals at Chelsea, or anything else that might seem a bit ‘up-there,’ or words to that effect.

We are just a ‘gaggle’ of blokes, and blokessess; (is there such a word?) that meet up to chew the fat about all things Bonsai, and some! Howard the Chairman always seems to be telling Mike off for nattering. Brian has the greatest eggs you’ve ever tried. Roger and Clifford??? Well … now yer talking; these two boys know their stuff!

Me? Well, I don’t know a lot, but I do know what it feels like to turn up all new and naive. So don’t be in the slightest bit put off by anything here on the website; just come along and say hi. Then there is Jon, Paul, Sarah (oh I could tell you a tale or three of our conversations 🙂

Then Richard. Boy could I say something! Oh, and Andy, that would be Howard’s other half, what a lovely lady she is! And … who could forget Barry!!!! Jeez, Mr dry sense of humour or what? And OUR Jack! This is the man who can really show you how to reduce leaf size! Oh and some 🙂

Simon? What can one say about Simon? Then Derek and Alan. And if I’ve missed anyone out, it wasn’t for the want of trying; I just well, missed you out.

So, you see, we are just everyday people with one thing in common … BONSAI! Go on, you know you’re tempted. Second Wednesday every month; check out the details elsewhere 🙂 Bye fer now.

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