Winter Protection

Touching on something John Trott highlighted at a recent club meeting, I have visited a few Bonsai owners over the last week or so and have been quite alarmed to see ‘winter-protection’ already in full force. Trees have been brought into sheds (deciduous varieties), bubble wrapped root balls, some placed in the pot directly to ground.

Currently here in the SW of England we are enjoying 12-16 degrees C with minimal rain (ensure you check for watering), not a frost in sight, and winds that have reduced substantially.

PLEASE … ensure you WAIT until the weather DOES actually throw something that deserves a degree of protection. So …. get that bubble wrap away, get the trees back outside and above and beyond anything written here … DON’T worry yet.

Whilst we would advocate appropriate protection for Bonsai, just enjoy these warmer than normal temperatures and let your trees enjoy them too!

We’re not there YET 🙂

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